• Image of Boost 90 Clean Drive
  • Image of Boost 90 Clean Drive

---SOLD OUT---

A clean boost that delivers a extra drive shaped to be smooth and creamy in the mids with warm lows and touch of sparkle up top. The Boost 90 won't blow out your end like some other popular clean boosts based on some old tape echo. The level of boost is set by a simple master volume knob.

-Standard Alpha pots
-High quality Switchcraft jacks.
-Vintage Style witch hat knob
-Ultra Clarity tone filtering
-Knightbright Waterclear 3300 mcd amber indicator LED
-3PDT "True Bypass" Footswitch
-Operates on a 9 volt battery (included) or on a 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center.
- Backed by a lifetime warranty against defect by repair or a replacement.